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The Beat
Jun 26, 2012

One thing that has made us proud over the years is how many people can call themselves scriptwriters because of Script Frenzy. Since 2007, the year Script Frenzy began, 85,000 total participants have taken on the audacious challenge of writing a 100-page script—churning out nearly 1.4 million pages of original plays, TV shows, movies, and graphic novels.

While those numbers are impressive, we’ve struggled in other ways to put on Script Frenzy. Script Frenzy’s participant numbers haven’t grown along with our other writing programs’, and that has affected our ability to raise enough funds to put on the event because we rely on donations from participants to host them. Approximately 16,500 writers took part in Script Frenzy this year compared to the more than 350,000 writers who participated in NaNoWriMo, Camp NaNoWriMo, and the Young Writers Program.

As much as we wish we could continue hosting Script Frenzy, the OLL board recently voted to end Script Frenzy because it was operating at a loss that was unsustainable. I want you to know that this was an incredibly difficult decision, and one that was carefully considered for several years, but we have to do it for the overall health of the organization.

Frenzy Video
Jul 16, 2012

OLL staffers dramatize the words of our most benevolent Script Frenzy donors. We read first lines from 2012 scripts, complete with props, and a little CGI action. That's right, CGI.

OLL Blog
Jun 1, 2012

The two most important bits of wisdom about writing that I’ve ever taken to heart were from my screenwriting teachers who said: “You’re all a bunch of liars!” and “Nobody wants to read your script!” Now admittedly, when my writing teacher shouted, “You are all a bunch of liars!” to my class this wasn’t so much advice as much as it was an indictment of our outrageous reasons for our consistent tardiness and absenteeism. He was right. We were lying, our excuses were terrible, and, by default, we were terrible writers.