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How To Guides


Introduction to Screenwriting
Screenplay Formatting Overview

Stage Plays

Introduction to Stage plays
Stage Play Formatting Overview

TV Scripts

Introduction to TV Scripts
TV Script Formatting Overview

Comic Books

Introduction to Comic Books
Comic Book Formatting Overview


How to Build Great Characters and Stories

Creating Great Characters

Cast your Characters


Writing Action and Description
Writing Dialogue

Conflict and Outlining Plot

Creating Conflict
Outline your Script
“Hollywood Formula" Worksheet

How to Cameos: Articles by the experts


Know Your Story
by Greg Marcks

I Have the Best Idea for a Script!....Err, So Now What?
Beth Brandon

Beginnings and Endings

Five Ways to Start a Script
by Nick Turner

Five Ways To End With A Twist
by Nicholas Turner


5 Tips for Dialogue That Makes Strong Men Weep
by Daniel Heath

Reach for the Evocative Word
by Lisa Drostova

Thinking Outside The Plot: The Set Piece
by David Warfield

Scene and story

Top Five Reasons to Show Your Story Some Love
by Lauren Gunderson

The Three Most Important Things I Teach
by Alex Epstein

12 Things to Keep in Mind When Writing an Ending
by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb

Three Secrets of Great Storytelling
by Jill Chamberlain

Midpoint—The Key to Cracking Any Story
Blake Snyder

Five Building Blocks for a Rich Scene
Liz Lisle

How to Make Your Scenes Dance the 'Wadoogee'
by Hal Ackerman

Building Satisfying Plots
by Angela Paton

After the Draft

Tenacity. Determination. Grit.
by Stephen Norrington

Structure and Format

Who's Afraid of Formatting
Part 1
Part 2
by Stephen Norrington

Quick Tips on Shorts
by Will Bigham

One-camera vs. Three-camera (and everything in between): The Five New TV Formats
by Nathan Marshall

Five Questions to Help Pilots Take Flight
by Jonathan Abrahams

Screenplay Structure: Three Acts & Five Points
by Nathan Marshall


Grandma's Got a Gun or, "Who Are You Calling a Minor Character, Anyway?"
by Daniel Heath

5 Tips on Making your Romantic Comedy Lovable…Er, Relatable
by Lauren Miller

Five Character-Defining Opening Scenes
by Adam Kempenaar & Sam Van Hallgren

On the Process

Five Mistakes a Beginning Writer Should Avoid
by David S. Goyer

A Brief Primer On Things Not To Do When Writing
by Ron J. Friedman & Steve Benich

Five Screenwriting Pitfalls
by Nathan Marshall

Being a Professional Writer and the Power of Rewrite
by Beth Brandon

Writing Downhill
by Daniel Heath

Advice for Aspiring Screenwriters
by Melissa Carter


This Stopped Being Funny 3 Minutes Ago: Things I’ve Learned Writing Sketch Comedy.
by Jon Wolanske

Five Secrets for Improving Your Comedy Writing
by Fred Rubin