Event Overview

Hi Scriptwriters!

Whether it is your first trip or fourth, below is a guide that you might find handy. Fold it up, tuck it in your racing suit, and refer to it as needed.

Track overview:

Hours before the Frenzy: Set your time zone! You'll find the time zone drop-down menu in your user profile under “Edit Account Settings.” Our page count validator uses your time zone to know when your “Fade In” and “Fade Out” begins and ends, so it’s important to make sure you do this step, so you can be crowned a winner on April 30.

April 1/Page 3.33: Start writing! I’ll stop by your inbox with a pep talk, and we’ll type those pages together! Login to your profile, click on “Edit Writer Info” and do your first page count by uploading a PDF into the “Page Count Validator,” or on the honor system by manually typing in the your page number into the page count block. You might want to add excerpts of your script to your profile, and share it with the world.

April 3/Page 9.99: Use the time this week to get ahead of your page-count.

April 8/Page 26.66: Week one is behind you! Realize you've written 26.66 more pages! Hug someone you love! Give her a high five! OK, now roll up your sleeves; the second weekend of April is here! If you’ve fallen behind, use this time to catch up. A new pep talk email will arrive just in time to give you the inspiration you need to keep on writing.

April 10/Page 33.33: Fantastic! You’ve written a third of your script! Hooray! 

April 15/Page 50: Hate your characters? Questioning why you decided to write a script in April? Just know you are exactly where you’re supposed to be. Together we have written 50 pages, and we’re halfway there! Back up your script, and then celebrate! With 50 more pages to go, it’s time to rekindle the fire. Find a write-in if you haven’t already. Get to your local midway party to meet people writing in your area.

April 17/Page 56.66: Keep your head up, and stand proud! You’ve been writing for 17 days straight! You are a superstar!

April 19/ Page 63.32: You have written 63.32 pages. Doesn’t it feel good to have made it this far? You are brilliant!

April 23/Page 73.33: You have written 73.33 pages. It's your day to shine!

April 25/Page 83.33: Winning is activated! All around the website, progress bars will fill up, and winner certificates are claimed (and by claimed, we mean printed at home). You have from now until the end of the month to upload a version of your script to the page count validator for your official count.

April 28/Page 93.32: Don’t fret if you are behind. There’s still time to catch up because it’s the last weekend of Script Frenzy! Stock the refrigerator or order out! Pick up your favorite coffee, sweet treats, protein bars, etc. Create a playlist of songs you want in your film. Jam the tunes, and get to writing!

April 30/Page 100: It’s the last day! Be sure to run your final page count before midnight, and then jump for joy! You’re a winner! Spend time with the people you’ve neglected in April. Get a massage, treat yourself to a nice dinner, or attend a local Script Frenzy wrap party in early May. You’ve earned it!

Sandra Salas
Script Frenzy Program Director