Can I donate to Script Frenzy by check?

Yes. We're absolutely thrilled to get donations by check! Please make your check payable to "Script Frenzy". Our mailing address is:

Script Frenzy
3354 Adeline Street
Berkeley, CA 94703 USA

Things to include with your check:
* Your Script Frenzy Username (so we can put a donor ticket on your profile)
* How you'd like to be credited on our Brought To You By page (real name, pen name, organization name, anonymous, etc.)
* (For $25 and higher donations) The best mailing address for us to use when sending you your thank-you goodies
* (For $250 and higher donations) What---if any---website you'd like to have your name on the Brought to You By page linked to

It will likely take us approximately two weeks from the time we get your check to get your esteemed name up on our site, and get your thank-you treats in the mail to you. All donations to Script Frenzy are tax-deductible.

Checks in foreign currencies are also welcome!