I Wrote a Script, Now What?

Congratulations! You wrote 100 pages in 30 days. It's a great feat, but don't stop there. There is so much more to do!

We're here to help you get back on your writerly feet and take your script onward and upward!

Quick links on this page:
1. Register
2. Revise
3. Professional Feedback
4. Submit
5. Create

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1. Register

If you are planning on selling your script, sending it out to friends for feedback, or entering it in contests, it's a good idea to register it with the Writers Guild first. They have an extensive list of FAQs. This is a super-easy and not-too-expensive ($20.00) way to keep your ideas legally safe. It's definitely worth the effort to protect your newly written intellectual property.

2. Revise

Writing is all about rewriting. It is a process that takes multiple drafts. So how do you approach these forthcoming drafts?

Check out Revision Frenzy. It is filled with our ideas on tackling the next iteration of your script.

Next, it's time to get feedback from others!

Whether it’s with a writing group, your close friends, or your mom, sharing your newly written script with other people (especially with other writers) makes the revision process much easier. That is an understatement—let me try again. Getting feedback makes the process much, much easier.

As the creator, you'll need to listen closely for comments that get at the heart of the revision. Your readers might give comments that just hint at the core issue. They don't know your story inside and out, so try to tease out what they are actually responding to in each of their notes. Ultimately, it is your job to take what you agree with and leave what you don't.

Check out the Script Frenzy Revision Forums. They are a great place to find a revising partner.

3. Professional Feedback

If you want to get your script out into the professional world, you might want to get professional notes first. Our friends at the Writers Store offer Development Notes. Eight pages of 'em!

To get started on your Development Notes please call the Writers Store at 800.272.8927.

4. Submit

Once you’re done with revision, it’s time to submit to contests and start making tons and tons of money. (Then we can ride on your coattails, say we knew you back when, and borrow some of that money from you!)

Visit Withoutabox to track the latest information on screenplay competitions around the world. Most of these contests are annual, so if you miss them this year, they'll be back again.

There are hundreds of festivals out there to submit your script to. Below are a few of our favorites. And, one of them is a Script Frenzy partner (listed in bold)!

ABC Television Writing Fellowship

American Zoetrope

The Arts Foundation: Graphic Novels

Austin Film Festival

Bay Area Playwrights Festival

The Blank Theater Company's Young Playwrights Festival


The Brass Brad Screenwriting Mentorship Award

Burbank International Film Festival


Comica: London International Comics Festival

Fox Entertainment Group Diversity Development

The 7th Annual Great American Pitchfest

Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting

Nickelodeon Writing Fellowship

San Francisco Playwrights Foundation


Showtime’s Tony Cox Screenplay Competition


Sundance Institute

UCLA Extension Screenplay Competition

Warner Bros. Writers Workshop

5. Create

Ready to start raising money to bring your words to life? Check out indiegogo.com and Kickstarter. They support crowd-sourcing as a funding method.

As you turn your scripts into plays, movies, comic books, TV shows, etc, tell us about them! Email info@lettersandlight.org.