Page Count Widget, Web Badges, and Banner Ads

You know what we love? Widgets and Web Badges for you to put on your blog, website, or Facebook page. That way folks will know not to call the police when you vanish into the depths of your script in April.
To download, just pick the badge you like and right click it (PC users) or long click it (Mac user), and then let your browser-elves drag it down onto your desktop. You don't have to, we're not the boss of you, but we'd love it if you'd make the icon link to Script Frenzy! Why not give your admirers direct access to your profile page?

Page Count Widget

What is a Widget?

The Page Count Widget is a dynamic image that you can embed in or link to from any web page. The Widget is designed to display your personal page-count progress. (There's no need to embed them into your profile page here on the site - we display your page count and progress on your profile and every forum post!)

The Widget requires you to know your user id number. You can find your user id number by looking at the URL of your "My Script Frenzy" page.

The Page Count Widget is called with your user id number. Example:
<img src="[YOUR_USER_ID].png" />

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