Pep Talk

Jun 1, 2012

Hello Frenziers,

Thank you for taking part in the sixth year of the Frenzy. I’m thrilled to report that 20,284 international writers of all ages wrote a combined total of 356,622 pages for Script Frenzy this year. Whether you wrote 3, or 45, or 60 pages in April, what matters most is that you made time to write, and that makes you a winner. So congratulations! We applaud you!

Apr 27, 2012


"I can't do it" never yet accomplished anything; "I will try" has performed wonders.

- George P. Burnham


Hello Scriptwriters!


Remember the excitement you felt when you signed up for Script Frenzy? Take that excitement and get ready for the last weekend of April. The last three days of Script Frenzy are just as important as the first three. 


If you’re below the 30-page mark, keep writing. “I can't do it! It’s impossible,” you say? The only way you’ll know for certain is by trying, so why not take the chance? You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Even if you’re on page one, challenge yourself to a weekend-long writing sprint and get as close as possible to page 100. Every scene you write is one more you would not have written otherwise.


If you’re beyond the 30-page mark, cancel your plans this weekend, the ones that don’t have to do with writing. Get up early, or stay up late and write. You can always sleep in May. Write with the fury of the Frenzy, and remember, 16,000 other writers are writing along with you. 


Apr 20, 2012

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. - Beverly Sills

Hi Scriptwriters,


This is the point in Script Frenzy when we’re in one of two categories:


1) You’re on page 63.33 or higher and it’s smooth sailing from here! I’ve seen some nifty scribes who have already had a black-and-white-checkered finish by reaching page 100, or more. Congratulations; you are my heroes! 


2) You’re totally behind (like me), and you’re questioning whether you were of sound mind when you took on this challenge. Fear not! The weekend is here! As a matter of fact, there are two more weekends left before April 30—time is still on your side. 


Apr 13, 2012

Dear Frenzied Frenzying Frenziers,

A friend recently told me she didn’t have a creative bone in her body.

I almost grabbed her by the shoulders and literally shook some sense into her. To be human is to be creative.

Still, I sympathize with her feelings, especially at this tough moment midway through Script Frenzy when I have frankly hit a wall.

I’m not talking about writer’s block, per se. I’m talking about being creatively flat—the moment when that lovely initial spark of inspiration changes into the endurance test required to create something good.

Apr 13, 2012

Hello Script Frenzy Writer!

My jackrabbit start to the Frenzy was short-lived. It’s Friday, and I’m still on page six. Oops! I should have taken a leaf out of the Tortoise’s book and not the Hare’s. 

In order to write 100 pages by April 30, we need to write 3.33 pages per day. This means I’m behind on my page-count goal by 20.64 pages. Under normal circumstances I’d be in a panic about falling so far behind. But, I'm not worried because it’s Friday and I have the first weekend of the month ahead of me.

Apr 13, 2012

Welcome Scriptwriters,


When I was in college, I read an article that described a bicycle trip across America to raise money for a good cause. I was amazed by what the participants had set out to accomplish. They had the ambition, courage, perseverance, and drive to bicycle 3,600 miles from the West Coast to Washington, D.C.


I was immediately hooked by the challenge. I thought about it every day for weeks until I finally signed up for the event. I told my family and friends, and then started training and raising money for the cause.

But then I started to doubt myself. I was afraid that I would fail and look foolish for trying to achieve what seemed impossible.

Apr 13, 2012

Hi Frenziers,

In just a few days, our Race for the Script will begin! Over the next four weeks we’ll battle with our daily page count, attend write-ins, and strive to cross the finish line with 100-page scripts by April 30.  

Is your writing vehicle primed and ready for the start of the big scriptwriting race? I’ve prepared a checklist to help optimize your writing performance while on the track. 

Warning: This list has been customized especially for Frenziers to help maximize your creative potential. 

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