Welcome to the Frenzy!

Yay! You’re here! Either you successfully made it through our rigorous tryout and call-back process, or you just filled out our registration page. However you got here, welcome!

My name is Sandra, I'll be playing the role of your over-caffeinated Program Director.

I am lucky enough to work alongside the most amazing team of people to make every April the most scripty month of the year.

Sarah Mackey: Community Liaison
Chris Angotti: YWP Program Director
Grant Faulkner: Executive Director
Tavia Stewart-Streit: Operations Manager
Dan Duvall: Tech Guru
Jezra Lickter: Web Developer
Heather Dudley: Forums Moderator
Jessica Joyce: Intern
Aliza Sajjad : Intern
Shelby Gibbs : Intern

Don't be shy! If you have questions, get lost in the website, or just want to know how to send us chocolate, get in touch! One of the four of us will get your email.

To get ready for the Frenzy, check out some of our site's hot spots, including...


On the left you'll see some links to help you build, edit, and view your profile. Avatars will show up when you post in the forums that let your fellow participants know what you've filled out.

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This is also where you will input your climbing page-count once the event starts, add friends to your writing buddies, and send other writers private messages through FrenzyMail.

Where in the world are you? Setting a home region allows you to find out about your local Script Frenzy events, swap messages with local writers, and get emails from your region's Municipal Liaison. (MLs are the Script Frenzy superstars in the field. They hold write-ins, have stickers to give out to you [yes, you!], organize parties, and are a great resource for encouragement throughout the month.)

You'll see a long list of regions. Click on the "subscribe" link next to the one you want, and from that point forward, you'll have access to your Regional Lounge at the bottom of the forums page. You can see all the regions you've selected when you click on the "My Home Region" link.


Become a truly active participant in the Script Frenzy program, either by making a tax-deductible donation or by purchasing a trend-setting Script Frenzy t-shirt, poster, or travel mug. Why is this so important? Because we're a small, non-profit enterprise, kept alive by donations from participants like you. Even $10—the price of a movie ticket—helps tremendously in keeping Script Frenzy and our Young Writers Program going strong.


Help is here, in the form of script formatting info, screenplay, and stage play basics, and archived writing tips from our guest gurus.


The hive of Script Frenzy. This is a great place to meet other writers, swap stories, and pose your most pressing questions. New to forums? Read Cybele's stellar guide.


Who runs this crazy carnival? How do I contact them? What programs are available to participants? Can I write an article about Script Frenzy?


We've got you covered! Browse through some of the most frequently asked questions.