How do I set a writing partner?

Great question! It all happens on your My Script Frenzy page. There, you'll find the Edit Profile link, and, more specifically, the Writer Info tab. Scroll down until you see the Writing Partner box. Type your partner's Script Frenzy username in the box (if you do it slowly, our robots will help you find them). As soon as your partner does the same thing, you'll both be officially linked on each other's profiles, and when one person updates the page count for the Script, it will change the number for both partners.

Can anyone participate?

Yes. We welcome participants from all walks of life and levels of writing experience---from absolute beginners who haven't written anything beyond grocery lists to old pros looking to try a fun, pressure-free approach to writing.

We also welcome writers of all ages; participants 12 and under will write as part of the awesome Script Frenzy Young Writers Program---a separate area that's 100% kid-friendly.

Where are the Regional Lounges in the Forums?

Regional Lounges appear at the very bottom of the site's Forums page. You will only see a Regional Lounge if you are affiliated with that region. To affiliate with a region, head to My Script Frenzy--->Regions (or head there directly by clicking here).

Will I meet other writers?

Yes! There will be Script Frenzy chapters all around the world, where folks get together in coffeeshops, libraries, and living rooms to work on their scripts. Check the Script Frenzy forums starting May 1 to find the writing group closest to you.

I donated! Where's my ticket?

We update the tickets daily, so it can take up to 24 hours to get your ticket after donating.

If it's been a day and you still don't have a ticket, please fill out the Store and Donations Contact Form and let us know your order number and your username and we will fix it!

How many people can be part of a writing team?

A maximum of two people can share writing duties on a single script.

My writing partner and I want to split up. How do we do this?

Until April 15th, you can unpartner at will. Just head to the Writing Partner box on the Writer Info tab of your profile and clear out your partner's name, and then hit Submit.

Is it fair that individual writers have the same page goal as a writer team?

We think so. Solo and team writing each have their advantages and disadvantages and we believe that 100 pages is completely doable either way. Remember, a writing team is like a marriage: It can ease your path or make it miserable. Often it does both.

What happens to my page count if my writing partner and I split up?

In the event of a split, both writing partners come away with same individual page count they had when they were a team.

I have a vacation/wedding/work project planned for April. Can I do Script Frenzy another month?

Sorry. You can't imagine it now, but what will get you out of bed early and keep you up late writing is the sheer motivational force of thousands of other writers simultaneously experiencing the exact same joys and struggles and encouraging you to keep going. Besides, our site is only fully operational in April and winners can't be crowned at any other time.

If I'm writing with a partner, do we each have to write 100 pages?

No. The goal is 100 pages, total, for both individual writers and partnerships.

Can I write in a language other than English?

Si! Ja wohl! Ndiyo! We welcome international participants and foreign language scripts.

I've written a 100 page script. How do I become an official winner?

Congrats! Staring on the 15th, you'll be able to upload a version of your script to our site for official robotic counting, thereby claiming your winner's certificate, and entering your name into the pantheon of Script Frenzy winners.

We'll tell you how the upload process works as the date draws nearer, but we can tell you this now: It's super-easy, and it happens from your My Script Frenzy page.

Couldn't someone just write the same sentence for 100 pages and say they won?

Technically, yes. And there are always one or two people who do. But they spend the rest of their summer haunted by the knowledge that instead of simply writing a script, they chose to bamboozle the community. Typically these folks are tormented for life; sometimes they go on to run Hollywood studios.

How do I update my page count?

The page count feature is open from April 1 to April 30.

Page count controls are on the 'Script Info' edit page in your profile.

The page count feature respects your timezone. If it is April 1 and you can't see the page count field, please check your timezone setting on the "Account Settings" page.

To get to the script info page:

  1. Click the My Script Frenzy" tab in the top navigation menu
  2. Click the Edit tab
  3. Click the "Script Info" subtab

There are two ways to update your page count. The first is the honor system - just enter your current count in the field.

The second is the page count validator. Save your manuscript as a text file and upload it to the validator. The page count validator is not available yet.

You will also use the page count validator to become a winner once you've written 100 pages.

Do I have to format my script? And do I need fancy software for that?

Yep. As a blueprint for a movie or play, a script needs to be formatted in order for anyone---an actor, an agent, another writer, your dad---to read it as you envision it being seen. Learning how to format as a script writer is like learning how to draft as an architect. It makes your art accessible. Formatting is also less scary than you think!

There are many software programs out there to help! We've highlighted four for you to check out on our Writing Software page.

I have no idea how a screenplay is written. Can I really do this event?

Absolutely! The vast majority of participants will be completely new to screenwriting and play writing. Check out our online instruction on formatting, tips on writing for a visual medium, and fun overviews of the different genres in the Writer's Resources. Plus you're be able to ask the Script Frenzy online community and writing cohorts for help and support in the Forums.

Will Script Frenzy own the rights to my script? Will you steal my brilliant idea?

Nope. You retain all rights to your work. You can choose to share an excerpt from your script on our site if you want to, but it's not required.

Also, we don't keep or read your script when you upload it to us for page-counting. Our robots just count your work---which we encourage you to scramble into jibberish before submitting it---and then immediately delete it. No humans ever see the thing.

When do I start writing?

When do I start writing?
At 12:00:01 am local time on April 1.

How do I get an agent? Can Script Frenzy help me sell my script?

We understand that many participants will want to see their work produced, and we'd love to see you succeed in doing so. At the end of April, we will provide a basic overview of the script selling process and links to resources. Unfortunately that's all the help we can offer. Honestly, your Aunt Bertha has more industry contacts than we do.

We've also found that during the writing phase, too much focus on a "big sale" means you throw out quirky, personality-filled ideas as "uncommercial." For now, give your script a break; let it be a kid for a while. There's plenty of time after April to crimp it and primp it and enter it in the beauty pageants of Hollywood and Broadway.

How can I scramble my script before submitting it to your untrustworthy page-counting goons?

Just do a find-and-replace on every letter in the alphabet, one letter at a time. Open the find-and-replace interface on your scriptwriting program and tell it to replace every "b" in your story with an "a," and every "c" with an "a," then every "d" with an "a." And so on.

Make a copy of your beautiful piece of work before scrambling. This will save tears and heartache for years to come.

Final Draft: file > save as > edit > find

Celtx: edit > replace

Zhura: export > save with layout > save to disk > open file in notepad or similar program notepad > edit replace
*(If you have Word, use it! It is a great tool to user here because you can use wildcards. See below.)

Scripped: coming soon

Plotbot: coming soon

Microsoft Word: In Word you can get fancy and use wildcards. This will allow you to run the find and replace once for the entire document.

Open the file and make a new copy of your novel using "Save As..."
Open the "Find and Replace" dialog box (Edit -> Replace)
Click the "More" button to expand the box
Check the "Use Wildcards" checkbox
In the "Find What" field, put this: [a-zA-Z0-9] (include the square brackets, no spaces before or after)
In the "Replace With" field, put this: a
Click "Replace All"
Save the scrambled file as a text file, and upload away!
The procedure for Open Office is essentially the same, except that Open Office refers to "Regular Expressions" instead of "Wildcards". (Thanks to Peter Dudley for this advice!)

How do you win?

During the month of April we will have a progress meter for you to track and share your page count.

In order to become a winner you will need to submit a file of your draft to our page counting robots to verify its length. We don't actually read these or keep them, but you can scramble the text if you wish.

How do I win if I wrote multiple scripts?

  1. Create a new document.
  2. Copy/Paste each script into the new document.
  3. Scramble the new file.
  4. Create a PDF.
  5. Upload the new PDF.

What am I allowed to write about?

You're free to write about anything you want. The content of your script is completely up to you.

We ask that you use discretion when posting excerpts within your profile and in the forums that may show strong violence, sexual content or abusive language out of context.

How do I format my screenplay excerpt?

The amazing folks at Scrippets have created "Little boxes of screenplay goodness."

To add a scrippet, just type your text, beginning with < scrippet > and ending with < /scrippet >.
*Just remove the spaces between the <>. Make sure each scrippet tag is on its own line, or your script may not be displayed properly.

Character names, scene headers and transitions need to be in UPPERCASE. Everything else is done for you.

Can I donate to Script Frenzy in a foreign currency?

Absolutely. All donations, regardless of national origin, will be loved and respected here at Script Frenzy headquarters. Our bank charges us $5 for every foreign check deposited, though, so if you are sending a check in a foreign currency we ask that its value be over US $5.

I have a great idea for a Script Frenzy product. Do I need permission from you to make it?

We love that you care about Script Frenzy enough to want to bring more Script Frenzy stuff into the world! That said, we've put years of work into making the Script Frenzy name a shining beacon of hope, happiness, and deadline-driven terror for people everywhere, and we're very protective of the name. We do have legal protection on the name and the logo, and we're obligated to "defend the mark" or risk losing it.

Every year we end up spending a lot of time asking people to stop creating and distributing unauthorized Script Frenzy merchandise and products. Given our tiny staff, dealing with these issues takes precious time away from our programs. To help us put as much of our resources as possible into our events, we ask that you adhere to the following usage rules when using the Script Frenzy name or logo.

(Municipal Liaisons and partners in our "Come Write In" programs have a different set of permissions. Please contact us with questions or permission requests! In the spring, it may take up to a week to get back to you with an answer.)

Logo: Please do not use our logo (or parts of our logo) on anything without our permission.

Manufactured items: Please do not make any products bearing the Script Frenzy name without our permission, even if you plan on giving those products away rather than selling them. These include t-shirts, pencils, stickers, key chains, magnetic poetry kits, alpaca training devices, and squirrel retardant sprays.

Flyers and handbills: We have official flyers available for download that we'd love you to use to promote Script Frenzy. If those flyers don't meet your needs, please let us know so we can make better ones that do! Because the risk of someone seeing a homemade flyer representing the organization and assuming it was created by us is very high, we ask that you use our flyers.

Digital icons, Twibbons, etc.: We're still trying to figure out the best way to handle this. Until we come up with a genius solution, you are welcome to make and give away digital icons bearing the Script Frenzy name. If you plan on selling them (or making money from them), please get our permission first.

Software and applications: We love that you want to make software for Script Frenzy participants! Please do not include our name in the name of your software or application, and please so let us know when the software will be available for download. We might be able to help you get the word out about it!

Can I donate to Script Frenzy by check?

Yes. We're absolutely thrilled to get donations by check! Please make your check payable to "Script Frenzy." Our mailing address is:

Script Frenzy
2101 Telegraph Ave, Suite A
Oakland, CA 94612 USA

Things to include with your check:
* Your Script Frenzy Username (so we can put a donor ticket on your profile)
* How you'd like to be credited on our Brought To You By page (real name, pen name, organization name, anonymous, etc.)
* (For $25 and higher donations) The best mailing address for us to use when sending you your thank-you goodies.
* (For $250 and higher donations) What---if any---website you'd like to have your name on the Brought to You By page linked to.

It will likely take us approximately two weeks from the time we get your check to get your esteemed name up on our site, and get your thank-you treats in the mail to you. All donations to Script Frenzy are tax-deductible.

Checks in foreign currencies are also welcome!

Are you a nonprofit?

We are! Script Frenzy is run by the Office of Letters and Light, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Oakland, California. All donations made to us---in the form of cash and in-kind donations of helicopters and lavish chocolate fountains---are fully tax-deductible. Interested in hearing more about making a donation to Script Frenzy? Just drop us a line!