How can I scramble my script before submitting it to your untrustworthy page-counting goons?

Just do a find-and-replace on every letter in the alphabet, one letter at a time. Open the find-and-replace interface on your scriptwriting program and tell it to replace every "b" in your story with an "a," and every "c" with an "a," then every "d" with an "a." And so on.

Make a copy of your beautiful piece of work before scrambling. This will save tears and heartache for years to come.

Final Draft: file > save as > edit > find

Celtx: edit > replace

Zhura: export > save with layout > save to disk > open file in notepad or similar program notepad > edit replace
*(If you have Word, use it! It is a great tool to user here because you can use wildcards. See below.)

Scripped: coming soon

Plotbot: coming soon

Microsoft Word: In Word you can get fancy and use wildcards. This will allow you to run the find and replace once for the entire document.

Open the file and make a new copy of your novel using "Save As..."
Open the "Find and Replace" dialog box (Edit -> Replace)
Click the "More" button to expand the box
Check the "Use Wildcards" checkbox
In the "Find What" field, put this: [a-zA-Z0-9] (include the square brackets, no spaces before or after)
In the "Replace With" field, put this: a
Click "Replace All"
Save the scrambled file as a text file, and upload away!
The procedure for Open Office is essentially the same, except that Open Office refers to "Regular Expressions" instead of "Wildcards". (Thanks to Peter Dudley for this advice!)

How do I win if I wrote multiple scripts?

  1. Create a new document.
  2. Copy/Paste each script into the new document.
  3. Scramble the new file.
  4. Create a PDF.
  5. Upload the new PDF.

How do I format my screenplay excerpt?

The amazing folks at Scrippets have created "Little boxes of screenplay goodness."

To add a scrippet, just type your text, beginning with < scrippet > and ending with < /scrippet >.
*Just remove the spaces between the <>. Make sure each scrippet tag is on its own line, or your script may not be displayed properly.

Character names, scene headers and transitions need to be in UPPERCASE. Everything else is done for you.

I have a great idea for a Script Frenzy product. Do I need permission from you to make it?

We love that you care about Script Frenzy enough to want to bring more Script Frenzy stuff into the world! That said, we've put years of work into making the Script Frenzy name a shining beacon of hope, happiness, and deadline-driven terror for people everywhere, and we're very protective of the name. We do have legal protection on the name and the logo, and we're obligated to "defend the mark" or risk losing it.

Every year we end up spending a lot of time asking people to stop creating and distributing unauthorized Script Frenzy merchandise and products. Given our tiny staff, dealing with these issues takes precious time away from our programs. To help us put as much of our resources as possible into our events, we ask that you adhere to the following usage rules when using the Script Frenzy name or logo.

(Municipal Liaisons and partners in our "Come Write In" programs have a different set of permissions. Please contact us with questions or permission requests! In the spring, it may take up to a week to get back to you with an answer.)

Logo: Please do not use our logo (or parts of our logo) on anything without our permission.

Manufactured items: Please do not make any products bearing the Script Frenzy name without our permission, even if you plan on giving those products away rather than selling them. These include t-shirts, pencils, stickers, key chains, magnetic poetry kits, alpaca training devices, and squirrel retardant sprays.

Flyers and handbills: We have official flyers available for download that we'd love you to use to promote Script Frenzy. If those flyers don't meet your needs, please let us know so we can make better ones that do! Because the risk of someone seeing a homemade flyer representing the organization and assuming it was created by us is very high, we ask that you use our flyers.

Digital icons, Twibbons, etc.: We're still trying to figure out the best way to handle this. Until we come up with a genius solution, you are welcome to make and give away digital icons bearing the Script Frenzy name. If you plan on selling them (or making money from them), please get our permission first.

Software and applications: We love that you want to make software for Script Frenzy participants! Please do not include our name in the name of your software or application, and please so let us know when the software will be available for download. We might be able to help you get the word out about it!