Happy ML Appreciation Day! Take Two.

We’d like to give a little shout-out to all of our fabulous MLs! Municipal Liaison Appreciation Day officially fell on the 22nd, and ever so inconveniently, the site was down. Now that we’re back in action, we want to sing their praises because MLs are the heart and soul of Script Frenzy.

Municipal Liaisons run kick-off and wrap parties, write-ins, and other events in their local region throughout the month of April. If you have an ML, you know how much hard work goes into organizing these events, and if you’ve ever been inspired by your ML, we encourage you to give them a big hug, virtual or otherwise, today. From all the staff, thank you to our MLs for everything that you do! We love you.

You know what goes great with celebrating MLs? Winning! Starting today and continuing through April 30 you will be able to upload a PDF of your script with the official page-count validator on your My Script Frenzy profile. An assortment of magical things will happen on the backend of the website as it counts pages, validates scripts, and confirms winners. A celebratory “You Won” page will appear, and you’ll be able to download a winner’s certificate and web icons, watch a special video, and have your name added to the official list of Script Frenzy winners.

You can practice uploading a PDF of your script to the Page-Count Validator located on the My Script Info tab of your Edit Profile page. This means you’ll need to convert your script into a PDF. There are a number of free online websites you can use to complete this step. Most scriptwriting software programs enable users to save their scripts as a PDF. Visit our Help/FAQ page to learn more on how to scramble your document, then convert it to a PDF. Sometimes when you generate a PDF, it can shorten your overall document by a page or more. So don’t wait. Give this a try this now, so you’ll be sure to get your 100 pages in by the deadline!

Happy last week of Script Frenzy!