How do I create a PDF?

In order to be a fully verified Script Frenzy winner, our page-counting robots will need a PDF of your script (or scripts). Here's how to do it:

Final Draft: File > Save as PDF


While in the Script Editor, select the TypeSet subtab found at the bottom of the editor window.
  • Now select the Save PDF button in the TypeSet toolbar.
  • Next you are presented with a Browse dialog where you can name the PDF and choose where you want to store it.
  • Select "Save".
  • A progress bar appears indicating the conversion of your script to PDF.
  • Once the bar disappears your PDF can be accessed from your Save location.
  • Scripped: My Scripts > Export PDF > Save to Disk

    If you are using Word, Open Office, or another program on your computer: If you have Adobe Acrobat, you can go to "Print" and choose "PDF" as the printer.

    If you are using Google Docs: Go to the File menu, and choose "Download as" > PDF.

    You can also use these free websites: